Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm sorry it has been so long since my last posting. I think my butt is too afraid to go near to my computer so I couldn't post anything. That was until last Christmas when I got my new iPad. and even with a new toy it took me some time to get comfortable enough with it to the point where I could post again. So finally...

I don't think I could continue with the second part of my book without introducing you to a new character.I might have mentioned her before as Prag's love interest. And I do have pictures of her.

Her name is Touhana, but she prefers to go by Amelia. Her gift is form-shifting (which is kind of like shape-shifting except that you can only change into a specific number of creatures,in her case three). She is three-quarters Asian Dragon and in that form she's extremely beautiful and attracts male Dragons very easily. In fact she's been jaded by her attractiveness. She hasn't had anything done to her yet, but she is tired of all the attention. Which is why she prefers her human-form. And being in her human-form all the time has lead her to discover books. Her favorite activity is sitting under the cherry tree and reading.

What do you think of this new character?

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  1. You are back! Yay! I have been watching for you, and I hope your butt stays in the chair, with you looking at your computer. I will be watching you, lady.

  2. Thanks for watching for me. And I'll try to write a post a week for at least one year. Maybe two a week if I feel like it.