Sunday, February 28, 2010

Character Description: Prag

Prag is the major protagonist in this story.  He is renown as the first-hatched of Praxel. He is a typical European dragon with wings and the ability to speak and to breath fire.  He scales are various shades of green with a dark green metallic skin underneath and perfect ruby red eyes. His personality is that of an extremely brave, of normal intelligence (for a dragon), well-liked, and somewhat na├»ve (in the beginning) chick who grows into a dragon and becomes King of the Celtic Realm. He also loves morning. Finally, he receives an unprecedented number of 3 gifts from the Renewal Water: Prophecy, absorption, and inheritance.

On a scale from 1-10, how much do you like this character? In what ways are you alike?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Scarlet-antics Part 1

In late September of 2008 we bought a golden retriever puppy

Cute isn't she. Her name is Scarlet.

 Some of her antics involve chewing behavior. She's chewed up her toys, a favorite slipper sock of mine, and several towels. See that dog bed above. Well look at this one:

Our dog is also fond of literature. She particularly likes college text books on quality control.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Renewal Water and the Rules

In Haven City there exists the Temple of Peace. and inside the Temple of Peace exists the Renewal Water a.k.a. The Fountain of Youth. The Water has a divine intelligence (hense the saying “By the Water” instead of “Oh my God”). The Order of Priests and Priestesses of the Temple of Peace or the Order are in charge of initiating, keeping the Temple clean, meditating/praying to the water, and commuticating the Water’s demands to the public. And those demands come in the form of rule. Obey the rules for just one year and you can keep the gift and live. Disobey and you will die.
  1. No man, animal, or statue is a god and therefore should not be worshipped as one. They can represent, speak for, or be controlled by gods but they themselves are not gods. Anything that can die, decay, or be destroyed through the natural passage of time is not a divine spirit.
  2. Don’t do evil acts: intentional harm of others or self without the reason of self-defense.
  3. Every right-minded Individual having an opinion should be given a chance to peacefully express an opinion. Any attempt to stop a chance is to be considered an evil and should be defended against.
  4. Don’t be doing stupid things. Think before you act & use your own damn common sense. If you know something may go wrong and someone might be hurt if it is done than don’t do it.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dragon vs. Dragon fighting

I want to start by discussing how difficult it was to decide on a topic for today's blog. I had three in mind: this one, the rules of the Renewal Water, or I could continue talking about gifts. If you have a preference on which one you want me to discuss next you can fill out my comments below or you can tweet me @Sorica2001.

Now awhile ago on twitter, I made the argument that even before humans that dragons fought one another. I made such an argument because at the end of Book One of the Celtic Realm Prophecies I have Prag and Praxel duking it out.

When I was researching the topic of dragon on dragon fights, I was surprised at how little information was out there. There are no videos on youtube (except on a fight between a T-rex and a dragoness protecting her chick, Thanks Discovery Channel) and no movies that I can think of except maybe the end of Dragonheart II and very few pictures or articles. Fortunately, I have a very good imagination. And this lack of resources means I'm free to bullshit. And who knows, maybe my book will establish a new craze on dragon to dragon fighting.

However, I do want to establish certain parameters. Like the weapons of a typical european dragon include: Fire breath, spikes along the spine, talons, whipping tail, teeth, and horns on head. Their weak spots include: Eyes, under belly, wing flaps, and the soft skin under their scales. Their defenses include: flying away, bluffing, sounding an alarm, blocking attacks with forearms, and hoarding gems and putting them underneath the stomach scales. Finally Prag's reason for fighting Praxel: Praxel threatens the lives of his beloved Amelia and their eggs. Praxel's reason for fighting Prag: ? Because he likes being a bully, I don't know

How do you think the smackdown should happen?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Physical gift list

The difference between gifts and powers is that powers include the energy it needs to use that gift. Gifts are special abilities given by the Renewal Water in exchange for the person (or dragon) following a set of rules. The following gifts are physical. Some mental influence is involved but the manipulation is that of the physical world external of the person using it.

Physical: levitation, flight with and without wings, hormone control, enhanced senses (smell, taste, touch etc.), shielding, freezing, pheromone control, superb love making, oceanic communication, bullet dodging/ricochet/deflecting, temperature control, weather witch, phase shifting (both increasing and decreasing density), time freezing, stretchiness, enlargement and shrinkage (size control), increased speed, invisibility (both permanent and temporary), color creating, fire starting, shape shifting, form shifting space travel, metal magnetism, dimension travel, optical laser, conjurer, photonic cloning, holographic projection, time travel, and time control (like remote controlled time).

Which gift would you prefer to have? You can either pick one from the list above or you can choose one of your own. Why you would like to have that physical gift?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dragon Sex

I was looking up my on my journal for something to put on my blog when I found this funny gem:
It occurred to me a while ago that in this first episode of the trilogy the protagonist and his love interest must procreate. The conclusion of this discussion will not be revealed in the book, but I do believe it is a relevant concern. But how exactly is this accomplished in dragons? Do they have intercourse or do the males fertilize the eggs externally? My guess it’s like gator sex, everyone assumes they’re having sex by their position, but nobody wants to jump into the water to check. Same thing with dragons, they moan and grunt, but nobody wants to look for fear of being burnt. So people can hear the commotion a distance away, but nobody is curious enough to investigate which avenue they take. Just as well I suppose. Young male dragons experience nervousness their first time. 

How do you think dragons reproduce? Would you want to know?

Monday, February 8, 2010

On the Superbowl

On the Superbowl last night (don’t worry, I won’t get into specifics), I will concede that my dragon friend was closer than me on the score. He predicted 35 to 14 Saints and I predicted 45 to 17 Saints. He turned out to be 1 point off the total score vs. my total, which was 14 points off. However we both choose the Saints to win. And all of the “experts” were hoping the Saints would win, but were calling for the colts. Next time, listen to the dragon.
Of the commercials, there was one Doritos and one Budweiser that I liked. The Doritos commercial I liked was that first one where that one guy was in the coffin full of chips. Then the coffin falls off the altar and the guy and chips o flying down the stairs. And another guy jumps into the aisle and shouts, “It’s a miracle!” Yeah, that made me laugh. And there was something heart touchingly precious about one of the beer commercials, the one with the colt and the calf running side by side with a fence between them. Then three years later, the colt is now a carriage-pulling Clydesdale and the calf is now a bull with really long horns. So the bull rams the fence and friends are now unseparatable. Isn’t that a sweet story? And no men where embarrassed during the making of either commercial.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Defending Bella

This is my first Blog, so don't hurt me. Over the past week or so I wrote the following in my Diary in response to a twitter conversation called #genderinya::
Damnit, I’m sick of people picking on Bella. She’s more mature than she seems and she makes grown up decisions. For example, in Twilight first she makes the decision to lead the tracker away from Charlie (no one else makes this call). Then she sacrifices herself in order to save her mother. Now in New Moon she makes a lot of reckless decisions, but nothing to the extreme of Edward. Edward makes the selfish move to kill himself, while she’s trying to survive. And when she learns of this, she runs through a crowd to try to save him. Then at the Volturri trial by admitting to her desire to join she saves Edward, Alice, and herself. Then there’s Eclipse, which admittedly I am going to have to read again, where she cuts her hand in order to distract Victoria and her friend long enough for Seth and Edward to kill them. Finally in Breaking Dawn, she marries Edward. And she has a hybrid baby with him at her own risk. And then when the Volturri come to kill the child, she chooses to fight and protect the child.
If there is anything Bella’s guilty of it is of being human. She’s flawed yes, but not weak in character. As far as her attachment with Edward goes, she’s just under a spell. They are both under each other’s spells. That doesn’t make them immature. Admit it, there have been times where you have been under someone else’s spell. Did that make you less mature?