Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Beginnings of an Idea

It's really interesting where some of my ideas from. Like most other authors I get most of my ideas through the media. I get inspired by watching movies and TV shows, by listening to music, by reading books and magazines. For example I got my idea for my first book from a combination of a book on Dragonology and the cartoon Yu-gi-oh. So you can use media to get get your ideas too.

And then there are life experiences. A few years ago I wrote some poetry. Most of that poetry has a theme and that theme was being close to death and surviving it. About a few months before I became ill with Ulcerative Colitis. I lost more than 30 lbs in the period of a few months. But in the beginning I got dehydrated and was throwing up. So I used that experience as inspiration for my poetry.

I also used to play a game that I got some of ideas from and even used to improve some of them. I called it the game of pretend. First you find a quiet place where you can be left alone and where nobody can hear you talk to yourself. Then you put yourself in your mystical place. Then you allow yourself to be as many characters as you want and you banter back and forth (yes, banter, as in to jabber like an idiot). You can do this till the cows come home or at least until the kids wake up. The best place to do it is inside your head, but then you can't record it.

How do you get ideas? What do you think about how I get ideas?

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  1. Usually I find the roots for ideas in news items. The 'what if' takes hold and I try to run with it. My most potent idea to date is the novel I'm redrafting at the moment. That came from environmental matters. Namely, that I was working in an office with a woman I hated and I wondered what would happen if a bomb threat locked us in the building together!

  2. Ideas are like leprechauns--you have to catch them and hold onto them, until they give up the gold. At least, that is what I have been told. Keep writing. It is good to see you back.