Friday, April 16, 2010

Carting Around a Dragon-poem

Without a doubt these are very heavy creatures
But for those who have no wings
From birth or from a fight with another dragon
Or for those who are just plain lazy
To terrorize the kingdom anymore
Or to eat any of the farmer’s cows or sheep
Somebody must cart these fire starters around.
But how does one do this?
Their butts are too big for a wheelchair
Or a wheelbarrow or a car or SUV.
However, I suppose you could stick it
Onto a really big semi-truck with a flatbed.
But then again if the creature gets angry
With the truck driver for some reason
It could deflate the tires with his sharp talons
And cause an enormous traffic accident.
So it’s only for short distances that this is done.
What about carrying it for long distances?
Like if the Dragon has a family out-of-state
And it feels like visiting them for x-mas?
Well, in that case they are flown over
By the underside of an airplane.
Dragons are no longer allowed to fly on top
Anymore because they like to eat the birds
And they can stir the plane around to catch them.
Nowadays they are flying from cables
Which is kind of embarrassing for a Dragon.
They used to put them in air balloons
Until they started blowing them up in fire
And falling to the ground with a loud thump
It wasn’t until 1980 with the Kansas Incident
That ended up making the state flat
And the FAA decide that flying them by balloons
Was no longer a viable option.
They do not like to be carted around anyways.


  1. I really like this article! You´re very creative, I appreciate that! I think I´m going to follow your blog now via twitter. Hope you´ll follow my blog, too:

  2. Thank you. I wrote this poem in 2006 when I was in a poetry class. Don't worry though, I do have others. But I think this is my only one that I like that is relevant to Dragons. And I would be happy to check out your blog.