Friday, April 23, 2010

Not about pets

I realize that this post will be my 4 x 7th post. And on my 7th day I usually blog about my pets. Well today I've decided not to do that because I've decided to try something new.

I'm trying to start a new chapter in my book. Yet I'm not completely finished with my last chapter. I still have ellipses not to mention that I have one heck of a knot. I really can't wait to get the first draft of chapter 10 done.

But here are a list of issues I have 1. I think chapter 10's too long already and it pains me to make it even longer. 2. My muse frequently take vacations and I can't finish the story without him. 3. My mother is constantly interrupting me with reminders to eat and sleep and to take a bath at inconvenient times like when I'm getting the groove of writing. And finally 4. My butt prevents me from getting near the computer and writing. Whenever I go to my computer when nobody's home my colon goes into hypersensitive mode and produces poop. TMI I know, but it is a constant problem.

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