Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amelia and Prag

This entry is my first blogfest I have ever participated in. I already had most of the following written down already, but I didn’t finish it until now. Note on the following scene: It occurs in a much later chapter than the one I’m working on now. Amelia is a dragon whose gift/power is form-shifting (which is similar to shape-shifting only you get a limited number of shapes). At an early age she decided her other form would be human. So in this scene, both her and Prag are dragons in human form and they are currently dancing. Enjoy! :

Amelia peered over Prag’s right shoulder and started laughing.
“What is so funny?” he asked.
“You’ve grown a tail.”
Prag looked at his behind and saw that his dragon tail had returned. Not only that but the chair he was sitting was stuck in the middle of the tail. He laughed right along with her. “So I have,” he said. “Do you want me to get rid of it?”
“No,” Amelia replied in a kind and loving manner. “It’s a imperfection I can handle.” Then she pulled him close around the waist toward her and she rapidly pressed his lips onto hers.
Being that this was Prag’s first kiss made it very confusing at first. Dragons are not known to be physically intimate. So Prag’s first reaction was surprise and shock. And for a split second he thought about attacking. But then Prag instinctively closed his eyes and started to relax and enjoy the sensation. Slowly discovering that he was mimicking the same actions she was making. He noticed that her lipstick had the delicious aroma and taste of cherries. At one point she gabbed his hair and he proceeded to do the same. To him each strand of her hair felt as slick as satin and as soft as silk. Her kiss was soft and warm as her lips caressed his. He wished she would never stop.
But she did stop. And as Amelia pulled away from him, she noticed that his eyes were shut and a tear was crawling down on one side of his face.  “Was this your first kiss?” she asked.
Prag nodded with his eyes still shut.
Amelia felt angry with herself “That was all my fault,” she cried. “It’s a sin not to ask you first and it’s especially a sin just to outright kiss you like that.”
“You’re right,” Prag replied with his eyes starting to open “That first kiss was a sin. But what innocent a sin is the first only to crave for the second.”

With that she smiled and she quickly engaged in the second kiss.

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