Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stinkin' Knots

I’ve got a HUGE knot in my story, one that I can’t delete even if I wanted two because it’s critical to the story. It’s a boxing fight scene between Prag and Lore for the title of Prince of the Celtic Realm. The reason why it’s so critical is because Praxel tries to kill Prag. This reestablishes a theme I had in chapter three through six of Praxel being homicidal. But my knot is how do I get them to the ring and secondly I don’t know how to do a fight scene.
Of course, it doesn’t help that I’ve been spending more time on Illustrator than on Word, Twitter, and Blogger combined. Why? My brother has a school assignment in Video Production that involves stop action. So far he’s got some Google Earth and some crappy looking Flash animation from my mother. I can do much better animation, and I think my woman is far prettier than her woman. And because Illustrator is better at vector graphics than Flash, that’s what I’m using.
Anyway, here's my version of the girl


  1. Prag and Lore are both dragons right? What about having it start off as just a game or a tournament sort of thing. Then something happens to make Prag forget it's supposed to be a game.

    Fight scenes with dragons can be tricky as they usually don't brandish weapons. They would most likely use their tail a lot to whip or trip the their opponent. Teeth of course would play a big role. And if you ever watch animals fight on Animal Planet, they are usually trying to go for the neck.

    Dragons that can fly add a different dynamic but a fun one. Think of the different moves and strikes they could do when they are no longer stuck on the ground? Here wing attacks would be important, to pull the other dragon out of the air. Clawing would be good and possible here and of course biting and tail whipping would be epic as they are in the air.

    You should watch some fight scenes in action movies to get an idea. Punch, block, kick, then repeat is the pure basic. Then of course you can mix it up with different types of punches and kicks to have a good fight. Add in fallen down and some blood, and you have a fight scene.

  2. Prag and Lore are both dragons. But Lore is the chicken shit kind who is sort of snobbish. And if you'd look at my other character descriptions you'd find that Praxel is the bully and Prag is the hero.

    What I meant was I don't know how to make a boxing fighting scene work. I've seen boxing matches before on HBO, but they never do a blow by blow commentary. I'll keep some of your ideas in mind, but I'm saving the real dragon fight for the end.